Town of Montague

The Town of Montague comprised of five villages of Turners Falls, Montague Center, Millers Falls, Lake Pleasant and Montague City, is nestled along the Connecticut River in the upper Pioneer Valley. Montague is a diverse area that is rich in history and culture that includes more than 10,000 years of early Native American habitation, as well as the Colonial and Industrial history that is embodied in the National Historic Register Districts of Montague Center and Turners Falls – a planned industrial community. The town’s landscape, 31.5 square miles, is a rare combination of rolling hills, fertile farmlands, historic mills and residential villages.

It is a thriving town of 8,500 people that offers a unique mixture of business and industrial opportunities, easily accessible to Route 2 and Interstate 91. Montague is also perfectly situated among New England’s finest skiing, canoeing, hiking and biking opportunities. The town prides itself on a lively arts community and convenient access to the cultural resources. Turners Falls, the site of the current town hall and the town’s commercial center, was described in a Boston Globe travel article as “historic, but not traditional; Fossils and a funky art scene share the spotlight in the tiny mill village.”

The Montague website covers nearly every question about town departments, committees and services.


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