Everything Old is New Again/WGBY Visits LOOT

January 19, 2014-
I recently taped a segment for Connecting Point at an amazing store called Loot Found + Made in Turners Falls the other day, and it got me thinking about how something old is always becoming something new again.

Loot is a store that takes industrial items, old items, found items… and provides a new use for them. Artists, craftspeople, decorators, designers – you name it and they can find something for their needs at Loot.

Not only is it intriguing to think that items that were at one time considered mundane by some (functional items like gears or molds, or templates and cast-offs from manufacturers) are now considered extraordinary by others, it also takes the concept of sustainability a step further and brings it into our homes and our art galleries. Re-purposing these items as décor or furniture or objet d’art is not only environmentally sound, it also brings our history alive in a very tangible way. Loot is a place where human ingenuity and engineering, history and art all intersect and give birth to imagination. And they have many faithful patrons from throughout the region who are very, very thankful for that!

If you’re intrigued by Loot (and you should be!) you can find out more here: www.loottheshop.com
By Tony Dunne

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