The Nature of Things, Third Thursday

Poster by Caitlin Von SchmidtThe Nature of Things
Art, Scientific Demonstrations, Wildlife Exhibitions, Performances and Installations that Examine the Intrinsic Properties of Nature
May 15 2014,  5-9pm

River Stories; Photography Walk with Beth Reynolds
Photographer and teacher Beth Reynolds will coach participants on shooting quality images in nature. Participants bring only one camera, a few lenses and a light weight tripod

You’ve Seen Them Before…But Not Like This, Photographs By Ed Gregory
Large scale, black and white photographs that present the simple elegance of everyday subjects. Great Falls Discovery Center

Jerome Noonan, Postcards From A River: The Connecticut
A 12 minute visual montage that highlights our many connections to this magnificent river. The four season journey is beautifully set to music. Great Falls Discovery Center

Turners Falls Fishway
A great opportunity to witness shad, sea lamprey, salmon and other fish migrate upstream to the rivers of their birth.

Radar Demonstration, Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory UMASS
Come see how it works! This Doppler radar is designed to measure ocean waves and currents as well as to monitor birds that may be harmed by offshore wind turbine blades.
First Street, behind Town Hall and near the Fishway.

Free Seed Bombs! Add beauty in unexpected or abandoned areas.
LOOT Made + Found, 62 Avenue A

Group Exhibition: Paintings and sculptures
Third Street Studios, 36 Third Street

Neil Young Cloaca joyfully uses/misuses busted circuits, collaged beats, cheap effect pedals, and tape manipulation to make idiosyncratic music/non music. 7pm.
Third Street Studios, 36 Third Street

Sound Installation, Sonation, #104 Avenue A
Listeners compare a native bird call with musical improvisations created by cellist, Vernon C. David.

Landscape photographs by current Hallmark Institute students
Turners Falls Storefront Galleries, #106 through #112 Avenue A

Transformagination: the Surreal Collage Art of Tiffany Heerema
It’s the nature of things to serve many purposes other than that which was originally intended. A seashell becomes a boat or a hideaway. An arch in the rock functions as a TV nook. Treat yourself to a fantastic alternative reality.
Reception at Nina’s Nook, 125A Avenue A

David Brule will be reading from his new book, West Along The River 2: More Stories from the Connecticut River Valley
Montague Reporter office, 177 Avenue A in Turners Falls, 6-8pm

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