Sculpture by Liz Denny

Liz DennyNina’s Nook, 125 A Avenue A, Turners Falls
August 5—September 12.
Open Thursday through Saturday 12-5 and by appointment

Finding odd bits of abandoned machinery and other junk is part meditation, part obsession for this Florence sculptor and former researcher. Liz feels that “taking rusty farm machinery apart with an acetylene torch is almost as good as sex….It does’t matter what the medium is, I just function better in life when I am making something.” Denny creates humorous sculptures out of whatever she can get her hands on when “poking around din old dumps and wading in the river.”
Elizabeth Denny was the favorite student of Nina’s father, father, Dr Peter Rossi, who taught graduate courses in survey design and evaluation at UMass. He swore she was the smartest student he ever taught, and they maintained an ongoing monthly lunch date for a number of years after graduation.

Nina and Liz met at Dr. Rossi’s memorial service and realized we share a love of old junk. This show has been an idea for several years and now becomes reality. Her assemblages of machinery, river glass, old household items and all sorts of old stuff are on display at the Nook in Turners Falls from August 5 through September 12

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