NYC Jazz Great, Kim Kalesti, 2/27

With Vernon C. David (cello), John Mason (guitar) and Bruce Kelly (drums)
The Rendezvous, 78 Third Street, Turners Falls 9pm
$5-$10 Suggested Donation in support of Black History Month: Music and Diversity II

Early 1980’s in New York City proved to be the meal that satisfied the artistic hunger of a young natural talent.
A young woman in her early 20’s.

Kim Kalesti finds herself a part of the New York jazz scene.  A professional of song interpretation, Kim has been on the stage since the age of five. Following her musical path instinctively brought her a passion to learn, to advance, to nurture, and to empower her life journey through singing.  Jazz is potent for Ms. Kalesti, with seeds that have continued to blossom for over a half a decade; compositions in contemporary choral work, poetry, urban philosophy coupled with video of New York City, philosophical picture books, performance, and recordings with Masters- Kenny Barron, Eddie Gomez, Al Foster and many Giants of Jazz.

Kim’s voice, refined to a healing conduit, soars in songs of peace at vigils, Cathedrals, Interfaith concerts. A voice in song, philosophy, heart, healing, mentorship, legacy work Kimistry The Living Museum, and The Book of Kimistry. She is happy to perform with you tonight.


We are all connected not just genealogically but with our hearts, soul and thoughts.
Sharing our lives on multiply levels, physically and metaphysically.

“Knowledge is right in our midst as Robert Johnson travels the rails to seek Charley Patton’s riffs, sounds he needs to express his own life, co-exiting was the tonality of Coleman Hawkins that inspired the pen of Duke Ellington. Soloed on Tin Pan Alley tunes evoked, captured offspring evolution of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross vocalize with poignant story telling lyrics strategically placed on each note, phrase. While Charlie Parker’s improvising evolved a new sound, it took hold of the studious Miles Davis giving way to Cool.  Proving that we are “one’  our lives together here on the earth plane.

With all its diversity, colors, tones. textures from highs to the lowest lows. We are one and you and you are me in the music as we learn from listening, emulating with our own voice. Natures biorhythm’s urge our since of time in space that are later translated to swing, bebop or ballads from our hearts beating as one.  Beating with the constant flow of the universe itself.  You and you in me.”

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