“Dune Shack” & “Havana Streets”, photos by Trish Crapo

Avenue A Storefront Galleries
110-112 Avenue A, Turners Falls
April 16- May 21

"I live in Leyden, Massachusetts where I work as a freelance writer and photographer for, among other publications, The Greenfield  Recorder.

In May of 2013, I was lucky enough to be awarded two weeks in a shack in the wild dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore near Provincetown, MA. I took photos using a plastic Holga camera, a small digital Lumix camera or my phone. I gathered some of these images along with musings from my notebooks into a book, Dune Shack, which you can find down the street at LOOT. At LOOT you’ll also find 5x7 prints of some of my new photos taken in Havana, Cuba this February. That’s a body of work I’m still sorting through, discovering what I’ve got. This exhibit, hung informally as if on my studio wall, represents a preview.

My photography and collage have been exhibited at galleries in Western Massachusetts, Boston, Vermont, at The New School in New York City, and, as part The War and Peace Project, in Moscow and Tula, Russia. To see more of my work please visit my website. "

To order books, inquire about buying prints or photo services, write to: tcrapo@mac.com

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