Resident Input Needed for Open Space and Recreation Plan Update


The Montague Planning Department is updating Montague’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) and has released a public survey to gather feedback from residents. The survey is available online at, or as a hard copy at the Town Hall, all three libraries, and the senior center. The deadline to complete the survey is November 1st.


 An OSRP contains conservation and recreation goals for the town. It includes an inventory of cultural, natural, and recreational resources, identifies open space and recreation needs, and outlines a seven-year action plan with specific recommendations. Public input is vital to creating a plan that reflects the needs and goals of Montague residents.


The previous Montague Open Space and Recreation Plan was completed in 2010 and will expire in 2017. Having an up-to-date plan enables the town to apply for state grants for land conservation and recreation facility improvements. For instance, the 2010 OSRP enabled the Town to obtain a $272,000 PARC grant for Unity Skate Park, as well as grants to improve hiking and bike paths in town. The plan also outlines strategies for the Town to work with private landowners, businesses, and organizations to accomplish open space and recreation goals, and guided the protection of over 325 acres of open space since the last update in 2010.


The Town is working with the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) to complete the update. Results from the survey will be incorporated into the plan. A public forum will be held in the spring to present the draft plan and gather additional input from residents, and will be followed by a public comment period. The final plan will be submitted to the State Division of Conservation Services for review in June 2017, and will be available on the Town of Montague website. For more information contact Walter Ramsey, Town Planner and Conservation Agent, at 413-863-3200 ext.112, or
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