FAB Grand Opening!

Richie Richardson FAB.
An ethnic chic fashion art boutique. Located in the town of Turners Falls, western Massachusetts is a funky retail space, consciously created to promote and sell fashion and merchandise by a collection of designers. A fashion concept we are branding as Ethnic Chic.

Developed to empower creative people through enterprise. We are bringing together a collective of high quality fashion merchandise, wearable art, jewelry, bags and designer T-shirts. All created by an international collective of ethnic designers, artists and artisans from America, Caribbean and Africa and other regions of the world.

A shoppe for creative people, who are capable of producing small & limited amounts and one of a kind collections. When you buy from us, you empower the designer and artist to sustain and grow their business.
Richie Richardson FAB will host fashion previews and creative events; including art exhibitions and creative forums for meeting designers and creatives. We believe, hip people are everywhere.


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