The Lovelights Fairy TV Workshop

March 31, 1-4pm
Fastlights, 47 J Street Turners Falls

Calling all kids!
Come to a free workshop where kids can learn more about creating TV with green screen and stop motion animation through MCTV and GCTV! All who are interested can also be part of a new local show called “The Lovelights” about a family of five magical sisters and their fairy and gnome friends! Please sign up by March 25th or before.

Vengan a un taller para aprender crear televisión, hacer una pantalla verde y animación fotomatica (cuadro a cuadro) por MCTV Y GCTV. A todos que les interesa, también tienen la oportunidad a ser parte de un nuevo programa que se llama "Los Lovelight" sobre una familia de cinco hermanas mágicas y sus amigos de hada y gnomo. Tienen hasta el 25 de marzo para apuntarse.

The Lovelights is a children’s television series in development that celebrates art, music, nature, friendship, kindness, curiosity, and community. The show features a family of quirky, artistic, and magical sisters, who find themselves on a series of adventures when they discover faeries living in their town!

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