Full Disclosure Festival on the Theme of Radical Interconnectedness

Eggtooth Productions with RiverCulture presents:
Full Disclosure Festival on the theme of Radical Interconnectedness
Saturday, April 14 from 4 pm til 10 pm in downtown Turners Falls
Supported by the Amherst and Montague branches of the Mass Cultural Council and by Salon Herdis. Tickets $15 on-line or at the Shea Theater on the day.


4:00pm from Walt, from me, to You
The Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A
from Walt, from me, to You is an exploration of the universality and depth in the eloquent and inspirational words of one of America's most revered poets, Walt Whitman. This interpretation of "Leaves of Grass" seeks to promote inward scrutiny and interpersonal empathy. Within the Full Disclosure Festival and the theme of Radical Interconectedness, "from Walt" transcends place and time, inviting the audience to read between the lines and discover how to "weave the song of [one]self".

Text by Walt Whitman. Compiled and performed by Katherine Adler 

5:00 pm  Unsuitably Appropriate

67 Second Street
Unsuitably Appropriate is an multimedia compounding of intersections between archetypal relationships, digital personas, and a detached fragile self-image through appropriation and a comic book/pop art aesthetic. Every day is the same, memory lurking just out of reach. How do we connect, disconnect, and reconnect within the constructs of social media and technology?

“Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath.” Emily Dickinson

Choreography by Crystal Nilsson and Stephen Tracey. UrsprungFilm concept and creation by Erin E. Mayfield. Costume design by Jill St. Couer. Music composed by Sam Watson with musical credits to Leslie Gore, and Little Anthony and the Imperials.

Crystal Nilsson (CLMA, MFA, RSME) is a choreographer, performing artist, and dance educator. She holds an MFA in Dance from Smith College and a BS in Dance Performance from Ball State University. She is a certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator. Crystal was previously the director of Dance at Deerfield Academy and Adjunct Professor at Springfield College and Smith College. She performs with NilsSprung Dance Project, Reject Dance Theatre, and Lori Holmes Clark & Co. She is currently working as Managing Director of FINE (tree) HOUSE with Lori Holmes Clark. 

6:00 pm Hauling Toward Home
Montague Senior Center 62 Fifth Street
Hauling Toward Home is Samantha Wood’s sound installation with rocking chairs explores the definition of home through the human voice – place and story – embodied in the dual metaphor of the rocking chair, which, perhaps soothing, is also the motion and effort born of necessity rowing across dark seas to reach a familiar harbor.

Samantha Wood is an artist and journalist. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and works at The Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where she is managing editor for news.

7:00 pm – Karl and Mr. Drag
Great Falls Harvest Restaurant, 50 Third Street (front room)
Mr Drag has been entertaining the masses for centuries...ummm years. Mr. Drag's origins are slightly obscured in a vodka soaked past. Among his worldly travels he encountered many characters but none tugged at his heart strings such as the poor street urchin Karl. Mr. Drag took him in and Karl has been his " trusted" assistant and earnest companion ever since. 

Join Mr. Drag and Karl for their new talk show Morning Vodka. Grab a drink and sit down in the audience or be interviewed (if you're lucky). Mr. Drag and Karl will bring their spectacle, talent their all-you-can-drink martini buffet (guests ineligible for buffet) with them. 

Karl is played by Katherine Adler. Katherine Adler is a movement artist living in Northampton. Other alter egos include Bob Dylan and Walt Whitman.
Joe Dulude II is best known as the makeup designer for such Broadway hits as Wicked, Beautiful, Anastasia and Spongebob. He is also a freelance makeup artist, a fine artist and performer. He graces the stage as Mr. Drag - his bearded drag manifestation.

8:00 pm The premiere of THE PASS
The Shea Theater Arts Center, 71 Avenue A
THE PASS is a new performance work by Terry Jenoure for violin, voice, komungo, piano, and flute with dance and video. Through the allegory of a canary disguising himself as a cat, THE PASS looks at the ways we all pass for something other than what we truly are and the cost of that deception. With poetry and prose written by Jenoure, improvisational maps for flute, piano, violin and komongo weave together with movement, song, and video to tell a surprising story we all know. The work is a reunion of artists from around the world who have worked with Jenoure on the stage: Sibylle Pomorin, Angelica Sanchez, Maria Mitchell, and Jin Hi Kim

Terry Jenoure (Northfield, MA) is an American violinist, singer, composer and visual artist. She grew up in a Puerto Rican-Jamaican family in the Bronx Jenoure received from the age of seven music lessons. She studied Philosophy (Bachelor) and Education (Master, Doctorate). In addition, she is a doll maker. Jenoure appeared in 1987 with the band of Leroy Jenkins at the Moers Festival. The collaboration with Sibylle Pomorin led to the album Auguries of Speed (1991) and to further performances and the performance of recent compositions (most recently in 2006 in Berlin with Herb Robertson and Kim Clarke). She has also featured musicians such as Henry Threadgill, Archie Shepp, Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille, Butch Morris, John Carter and Elliott Sharpplayed or recorded. In Germany she also performed her program "Josephine Baker - A Celebration of Life in Stages" with dancer Maria Mitchell. In 2004, she was the first to receive the stipend from on-site in Wuppertal as Artist in Residence. Together with the Helios string quartet and Sebastian Gramss, she recorded the CD "Looks Like Me" released in May 2006 on the label Free Elephant. She taught at Lesley University in the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences and runs the Augusta Savage Gallery at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Jenoure has published a book and numerous articles on improvisation and its value in music education. She also advised the National Endowment for the Arts, the Purple Wallace Readers Digest Fund, the Ford Foundation, and the Connecticut Commission on Arts and Tourism.


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