Radical Interconnections Festival

Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27
Downtown Turners Falls, MA
$20 all events, both nights
Presented by Eggtooth Productions

The Radical Interconnectedness Festival presents art (of all kinds) that addresses the concerns of marginalized communities including aspects of race, age, gender, religion, economic class, and cultural identity. Experience theater, music, installation, dance, poetry, video, etc. presented in a variety of alternative venues like storefronts, repurposed churches and the Great Falls Discovery Center as well as The Shea Theater Arts Center. All venues are within walking distance to each other.

On Sunday, April 28 the Radical Interconnectedness Festival shifts to the Cohn Commons at Greenfield Community College for contextual conversation with the artists and humanist scholars. Noon-3:30pm

Supported by Mass Humanities, and the Mass Cultural Council Montague and Conway branches and Fostering Art and Culture and RiverCulture.



Sara K. Lyons, “Vital. Vibrant. Visible"
Local indigenous identity through photographic portraiture. Curated by Rhonda Anderson. Ongoing.

Voices From Inside
Spoken word performance by formerly incarcerated women. 5pm

Ezekiel Baskin and Samuel Achilles Edwards, “Queer Intimacies ”
A short play exploring the complex beginnings of queer relationships through audience interaction. 5:30pm on rotation.

Lori Holmes Clark, “Cloudy, with a Chance of Fringe”
A buoyant contemplation of neurodiversity through song and dance by Broadway veteran and local theatre maker. 8pm

FAB FASHION, 67 Second Street

Joe Dulude II, “Exploring My Past”
An Installation that invites the viewer into  the 1970’s living room of his youth, exploring how his past shaped the way he thinks about himself, who he is, and where he came from. 5-8pm


Alex DeMelo, The United Arc Performing Arts Program
Theatrical performances by members of the United ARC, an organization that supports individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in achieving the universal goals of inclusion, choice, and independence. 5pm

Cynthia Snow. “Elders and Experience with Alzheimer’s”
A dance piece focusing on aging, dementia, and caregiving with poetry by Snow and Susie Patlove and the à Capella group Acapelagos. 6pm

Terry Jenoure,” Pelala”
Solo performance of music, storytelling and video that weaves a new fable for our day. Saturday Only. 7pm

FLOURISH, 102 Avenue A

Julia Whalen
Immersive installation exploring childhood memory.Ongoing.

CHURCH OF POD, Prospect/Seventh Streets

Karen Werner, “Strange Radio”
A live experimental radio documentary performance; transmission on the layers of time, sound, and memory in Jewish Vienna. “Strange Radio” will be released on CD with an accompanying booklet in 2019. 7-8pm

ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, 47 J Street

Katherine Adler, “Artifacts of the Ephemeral"
30 hour durational performance.
Physical objects with corresponding meditative writings.
3pm Friday THROUGH 9pm Saturday.

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