Saturday, June 1 in Montague Center
GMMGN has been variously described as a “musical house tour” and “reverse caroling.”  It is Franklin County’s answer to Boston’s Porchfest.   They are is their 5th year. Their “mission” is to introduce Montagueans (and others!) to the hidden musical talents that live next door and down the road.  It’s also a chance to visit with neighbors and to formulate lofty artistic and community-oriented projects for the year.

How does it work?
Venues are living rooms, barns, and porches of private homes in Montague Center.  Each venue hosts 2 - 3 different musical groups.  Each group plays for 35 minutes.  There will be a 15 minute break between groups. EACH BAND PLAYS ONLY ONE SET!

What Does it Cost?
At each venue there will be a tip jar.  Donations of $10 or more will receive a purple sticker.  This is your merit badge for the day.

Who's Playing?
They're all right HERE!

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