MCTV 120 Second Film Festival

MCTV is holding a film festival to challenge the best of local film makers to create a short video of no more than 120 seconds showing how Montague is a wonderful, artful, diverse, exciting and desirable place to live and visit. Solicitations are for films that are as special as the community it features.

Six first-place prizes, totaling $1,200
We welcome solicitations by professionals as well as amateurs. Submissions are limited to residents who live in the MCTV viewing area, which is the five villages of Montague, Gill and Erving-side. SIGN UP HERE.

Who can enter the MCTV 120 Second Festival?
Any amateur or professional filmmaker is welcome to enter.

Is there an age limit for participants?
Yes, all ages from 13 and up are welcome, but at this time there are no age-specific submission categories.

Who can submit a film for entry?
Any person older than 12 years old who also lives in the MCTV viewing area of Montague, Gill and Erving station.

What is the deadline for entry?
Films need to be submitted by August 28th 2019.  See the Film Submissions page for details.

May I submit more than one film?
No, only one film submission per person

Is there an entry fee?
Yes, there is a small entry fee of $10 payable with your video submission.  The entry fees are used to help offset costs to hold the festival. Fee waivers are available.

Do I have to obtain rights clearance for music or other copyrighted material in my film?
By submitting the entry form, the applicant (a) certifies that the exhibition of the submitted entry will in no way violate any copyright laws or any other rights of any person, film, or corporation and (b) accepts all responsibility relating to - and indemnifies and holds harmless all MCTV 120 Second Film Festival sponsors, and their representatives, from - any and all disputes and liabilities arising from any such claims by a third party.

Is my film eligible if it has played online or has already been released on DVD?
Yes. As long as the film meets the festival’s rules and regulations, they can be previously-released films.

Do you present awards?
Yes! Awards are given for official selections and winners in each category.  Categories will be determined after the films have been submitted.  Up to a total of $1,200 will be awarded.

Will my film be used in promotional marketing for the festival?
Yes, the purpose of this festival is to create promotional materials to be used for the town of Montague. By submitting the application, you are granting rights to the MCTV 120 Second Festival to do so.What if I can’t attend the awards ceremony?Entrants who cannot attend but are awarded a prize will be notified after the festival. The festival will work with them to get their prize to them.

Do I have to obtain rights clearance for music or other copyrighted material in my film?
From a legal standpoint, you must clear all copyrighted material included in your film before you can publicly screen it. However, we do not check to make sure that you have cleared these materials, nor will we be held responsible for the inclusion of un-cleared materials in your film. It is your responsibility to do so!

Why should I participate in the MCTV 120 Second Film Festival?
Because we LOVE filmmakers and providing an outlet for filmmakers to network and for film buffs to see up-and-coming filmmakers’ work. If you're an amateur filmmaker it's an opportunity to share your hard work with others outside of friends and family and get that vital impartial feedback that you need in order to grow. And if you're an aspiringprofessional filmmaker, you already know that getting noticed and accepted at film festivals is a critical part of building your career - those "Official Selection" laurels placed on your promotional materials make a world of difference!

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