Mapping the Body

Nancy Lautenbach Exhibition: “Mapping the Body"
Mixed media exploration of the female form
Nina’s Nook, 125 A Avenue A. 9/12 through 10/26

Mapping the Body includes sculptural surprises as well as wall art. Nancy's "Pod Series" of drawings and collage features a feminine, organic form that "eludes to secrets, body, sexuality, shame, woundedness, containment, fear, and the intimacy of being,”says Lautenbach Her 365 Series also features this pod form, with collage, text, and drawings, that emerged during Lautenbach's third year of daily art practice. "In whatever medium I choose, the pod appears, staking claim to the landscape of the female experience,” says Lautenbach. "Through line I explore the contours and curves of the body and the movement of her inherent energy.”

Join the artist for a reception at the gallery on Saturday, September 14, from 5 to 8 p.m.

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