The Great Falls Farmers Market and RiverCulture are organizing a community craft project in support of the opening of the weekly market in Peskeomskut Park, Wednesday, June 3.

The “Pennant Project” asks the community to create 8” wide by 9” high triangular pennants, which will be sewn by RiverCulture together to form 10 foot length banners. The pennant banners will be used to mark the perimeter of the park and to direct safe, one-way pedestrian traffic through the farmers market.

The pennants should be:
Constructed from fabric, denim, or oilcloth 8″ wide by 9″ wide.
Constructed as 2 sided. Instructions in the video below.
Painted, drawn or sewn embellishments should also be waterproof.

Besides serving an important health and safety purpose, the pennants will offer a platform for communication, connection and encouragement as we deal with the COVID-19 virus together. Beads, embroidery, fabric paint and permanent markers (like sharpies) work well. Artistic expression and messages of hope are strongly encouraged. In the spirit of inclusivity, please refrain from political messaging.

Individual pennants can be dropped off at Montague Town Hall, 1 Avenue A, inside the front doors:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm and Wednesdays from 8:30am-6:30pm. Town Hall is closed on Fridays. To make other arrangements for drop off, call the director of RiverCulture at 413-835-1390.

The Great Falls Farmers Market is held every Wednesday, June 3rd through October, at Peskeomskut Park, 200 Avenue A, 2-6pm. Vendors may change weekly and include local in-season produce, plants, maple syrup, meat, honey, flowers, and baked goods. The Great Falls Farmers Market accepts SNAP, and includes multiple HIP vendors.

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