It’s a Wonderful Night in Turners Falls

RiverCulture is happy to announce “It’s a Wonderful Night in Turners Falls” on Friday, December 8, supported in part with a generous donation from Northeast Solar.

Shops are open until 8pm along the Avenue A and Third Street.
KIDS’ ACTIVITY: Create a Winter Bird feeder at The Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Avenue A, 3-8PM.

SANTA will arrive at Spinner Park (Avenue A and Fourth Street) to collect the letters from the magic mailbox at 6:30pm!

This heartwarming evening concludes with performance of Welcome Yule at the Shea Theater. This year in Welcome Yule, we are focusing on that recurring cycle of dark and light, Sun and Moon, life, death, and rebirth as the wheel of the year marks its repeated turning. Our village is drawing together in this dark time, maintaining itself and its sense of community through song, dance, story-telling and a mummer’s play. Join us in singing; touch the Yule Log for good luck; feel a chill with the eerie Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, and join us in laughing away the dark! 7:30pm. Tickets are $12-$15.

It’s a Wonderful Night in Turners Falls and other events throughout December are made possible with a generous donation from Northeast Solar. RiverCulture takes this opportunity to sincerely thank them for their support of the Turners Falls arts and business community.

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